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Scott Barker

Below you’ll find some excellent ArtworkArticlesPoemsStories – etc
submitted by others:


DJ Dano


In memory of: Debra Derosier

* A Message From Heaven

In memory of: Grace & Carol
* Window of Heaven

In memory of: Jack Larson
* An Angel From Heaven

* A Second Chance
* A Touch Of Heaven
* My Lifetime Challenge
* Saying Good-Bye
* Walk A Mile


May Fletcher


* Disappointed With Friends
* It Is Safe
* Little Butterfly
* Neglect
* Sometimes Bad Things Happen
* When I Am Me
* Why Am I Here


Julie M. Caldwell

* I Feel Betrayed Most Of The Time
* Only God Knows Why
* The Emptiness I Feel Inside
* When Love Came Knocking At My Door
* When You Hold Me Ever So Close


JoAnn Fletcher

* Feelings
* Loss


Chad Aanerud

* Hope For The Future



* Depression


Jeff King

* You Might Think I’m An Idiot


Stan Popovich

* Ending Your Life Is Not The Answer To Your Situation
* How To Find A Good Mental Health Counselor
* Managing Your Persistent Fears And Anxieties
* Never Lose Hope In Dealing With Your Fears And Anxieties
* When Someone You Know Struggles With Fear, Anxiety And Stress

Jeanette Haglund

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